Welcome to Granitek

Welcome to Granitek

Precision Granite Castings

Granitek was established in 1997 as the only UK company to supply granite castings to metrology, vibration equipment, optical and machine tool industries.

From our central location, we have developed links to UK and worldwide scientific and research fields. Granite castings are our core product and we offer additional benefits of in-house surface grinding and a chemical finishing workshop.

Not only do granite and mineral castings offer economic, environmental and technological benefits, they can also save a third of the cost of steel and iron castings. Using our experience, expertise and specialist equipment, we can work together to get your granite or mineral casting from design and development through to manufacture and delivery.

High quality composite granite is formed under high pressure, so the product is non-porous, hygienic and heat, stain, scratch and chip resistant. Composite granite can be formed in an array of colours, including white, black and brown. The finish is uniform in colour.

Granite Casting

Chemical Finishing

Surface Grinding

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Industrial Surface Grinding and the Chemical Finish Workshop

In 2017 Granitek invested in one of the largest surface grinding machines in the UK for granite, concrete, cast iron and steel to offer a standalone service and grinding of granite bases produced in house.

Metal Chemical Finishing Services

We also operate a range of metal finishes in our separate chemical work area, specialising in rapid turnarounds, high quality cosmetic appearance and tight tolerances.

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If you require granite or mineral castings, industrial surface grinding services, or metal chemical finishing services, we can help. Get in touch with a member of the experienced Granitek team today.

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