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Granitek has developed a number of unique, tried and tested steps in the production of granite bases. We can cast anything from 1 kilo to 25 tonnes with virtually no limit on size as we have extensive floor space and handling equipment. Our usual mix is a green and black hard stone granite however we can also offer black granite.

Whether you have an established granite product or are at conceptual or development stages we will work with you from day one to offer best advice on production. Once agreed a mould is designed and built using wood for small batches or metal for large batches or on-going designs. The mould is treated with a release agent and fitted with inserts such as tapped steel fixings, plastic drainage pipes and foot plates. The level of detail that can be added is restricted only by performance considerations. Once prepared and inspected the mould and inserts are ready for the next stage.

Granitek customers benefit from the years of research, investment and development into our unique formula for the granite mix used in all castings.  We use only locally mined, crushed, river-washed and kiln-dried granite with a high performance speciality resin and hardener system to ensure no shrinkage and that the casting meets our customers’ specified parameters and performance.  The mix is tailored to your product from machine tool structures to small fine cast components.


Properties S.I. (metric) U.S. Units
Damping ratio 0.157 0.157
Specific heat 960 J/kgºC 0.23BTU/LbºF
Chemical resistance Excellent Excellent
Compressive strength 137 N/mm² 20,000 psi
Density 2.3 kg/dm³ 0.084 lb/in³
Flexure strength 26 N/mm² 3,800 psi
Modulous of elasticity 31 KN/mm² 4.5 x 10(6) psi
Poisson ration 0.25 0.25
Temperature limits -45ºC to 104ºC -50ºF to 220ºF
Tensile strength 20 N/mm² 3,500 psi
Thermal conductivity 0.191 W/(cm².ºC/cm) 11.09 Btu/(h.ft².ºF/ft)
Water absorption 0.01% 0.01%
Thermal expansion 2.0 x 10(-5)/ºC 10.8 x 10(-6) in/inºF
Flame spread index Class A/1 – 25 or under flame spread per ASTM E84

Process and Quality

The formula is prepared in an industrial mixer and compacted into the mould under vibration by our skilled work force, ensuring level distribution.  After curing for a minimum of 12 hours the mould is removed and the casting finished to customer specifications in house by grinding, polishing and cosmetic finishing.  We also offer a range of paint finishes in your desired colour.  Finally, Granitek arrange most of the transport to our customers however you can use your own preferred method of collection.

Granitek are proud and enthusiastic about our own UK products, please talk to us about any step of the process.  Quality plans can be agreed for specific orders however you can be assured that every casting that leaves us has been subject to our own stringent inspections and quality checks. Our customers tell us that Granitek precision castings offer outstanding vibration damping, excellent noise absorption and improved thermal stability compared to other materials, with added aesthetic value.


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