Metal Chemical Finishing

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Granitek offer a range of chemical finishes for applications on metal from preventing oxidization and conductivity to purely cosmetic purposes. In our dedicated chemical workshop area we use only Rohs compliant solutions and will meet tolerances to within 3 microns.

Process Metals Colour Application
Passivate Aluminium Pale straw Protection, pre-paint coating
Anodise Aluminium Clear, satin, black, blue, red, gold (more by arrangement) Protective and cosmetic coating
Electroless Nickel Plate Aluminium, ferrous steel, brass Bright nickel Hard protective and cosmetic coating
Ammonia bronze Brass Dull black Absorbs light for optical use
Magnesium chromate Magnesium Dull brown Pre-paint coating

Bead Blasting and More

Prior to chemical finishing we can bead blast your aluminium parts up to 400mm x 300mm x 200mm. We use dry glass micro beads to remove minor machining marks, burrs and to present a more uniform finish. We also offer bead blasting without further chemical finishes.

Other specialist finishes such as hard anodise, hard chrome, matt chrome and zinc plate can be arranged with our partners across the UK.

Samples can be arranged by request.


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