Surface Grinding

Investing in Perfection

Granitek undertake all possible surface grinding in house on our own castings as well as offering a stand alone grinding service.  In 2017 Granitek made a significant investment in a ‘Perfect’ Double Column machine, sourced specifically as it is one of the largest surface grinding machines in the UK with a capacity of 2,000mm by 1,600mm and maximum height 500mm.  Bringing surface grinding in house has allowed us to improve customer lead times and give us greater quality control, with a certified flatness of 20 microns over the full area of the machine capacity.  We only use Rohs compliant synthetic coolant oils.

We offer surface grinding across a range of materials, from granite and concrete through to cast iron, ferrous and stainless steels.  Using a magnetic chuck or magnetic chocks we can secure single or multiple products up to a 6 tonne limit.  Made specifically for heavy duty grinding the ‘Perfect’ machine is designed for maximum stability, smooth movement and high rigidity.

Handling Logistics

Our customers leave the logistics of handling heavy weight items to us.  We have dedicated lifting equipment and full staff training to ensure the safety of the work force and the protection of your goods.


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